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Services Provided

Your Health is in Good Hands

We deliver high-quality, personalized medical care to New York residents. Get in touch with us to schedule your initial consultation and begin your journey to better health with us today!


We know that health matters don't always occur in advance

and/or during business hours...

We offer in-office, house-calls, virtual and telemedicine for your urgent care needs.  


Our office hours are: 

Monday - Friday

830 am to 4 pm


After Hours:

On-Call, Home Visits or Telemedicine

Monday - Friday

5 pm - 10 pm

Saturday - Sunday

9am - 9pm 

Saturday and Sunday in office hours are available by appointment only. 

Just give us a call at 607-208-4284 and follow the instructions on the voicemail

if outside of office hours.

Primary Care

Taking Care of You and Your Family

At Tri-County NPS, we’re committed to providing you with the most exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. With many years of experience, we achieved a well-deserved reputation as the best in the area and beyond. Since the very beginning, we have had the philosophy that our patients come first, insurance issues come second. No matter why you’re visiting us, we provide comprehensive and excellent care. Find out more about our providers and let us take care of you.


Direct Pay Services

No Health Insurance? We've got you covered! 

At Tri-County NPS we offer a budget friendly, pay-per-service alternative to insurance. For a flat fee we can provide urgent care, sports/school physicals, consultations, prescription antibiotics, blood work, urinalysis and so much more. Fee's vary based on service needed. 


For a monthly fee of just $100 you can join our membership and receive unlimited services including office visits, virtual/telemedicine, home visits, prescription medications*, referrals, and more! Contact us for more information

*Available prescription medications may vary. We have most antibiotics on hand, but patients typically use insurance for most prescriptions and we can provide discount coupon cards. 

Specialty Services

Preventative and Supportive Care

Through a holistic approach to medicine, we view each patient as a whole rather than a set of symptoms to be treated. We focus on dignity, integrity without judgements or stigma. 

Specialty services include:

Medical Marijuana

Addiction Medicine (Suboxone)


LGBT friendly (PrEP, PEP)

Please contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Doctor with Files

Medical Diagnosis & Consultations

Taking Care of You

Tri-County Nurse Practioner services specializes in a wide range of medical services. While we offer cutting-edge treatments, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure our patients stay happy and healthy. Contact us to find out more.

Routine Checkup

The Care You Deserve

Through this and other services, we have cared for numerous patients throughout our careers as Nurse Practitioners. To us, nothing matters more than your health and comfort, which is why we put in so much time and effort into advancing our medical practice and techniques. Please get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing scale
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